How Does Qi Work

    Qi (pronounced “chee”) is the new universal standard for inductive charging. It allows inductive chargers and divices talk to each other. So any device with a built in Qi receiver or with the use of a Qi-enabled accessory, can be charged by a Qi compatible charger. Inductive charging is the wireless exchange of energy between two electronic devices. Touch one to the other and energy is transfered. Until today, these two devices had to be designed specifically for each other to work properly. But Qi changed all that.

    Think back to the first time you heard of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, Just like those technologies set the standard for hands-free and Internet connections, Qi is how everyone will use inductive charging in the future. Established by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), Qi allows the charging of your Qi-enabled smartphones, cameras, mp3 players and anything else that uses up to 5 watts of power. All without directly plugging in the devices.

     More and more manufacturers of electronic equipment are installing Qi enabled receivers into their products. Plus more and more manufacturers like BMW, Honda, Toyota and Hotels and restaurants like Marriott and McDonalds are all ready offering or planning to install wireless chargers. Londons Heathrow Airport and Beijing’s Capitol Airport have Qi chargers spread though out their facilities. Inductive charging is expected to be the next big wave in consumer amenities and Qinside has been a leader in Qi power distribution products. Qi provides you with the freedom to charge all Qi-enabled devices on a single charging station without multiple cords and eventually without accessories. 

     Qi is the next generation of inductive charging of battery-powered devices.

The Wireless Power Consortium

      Established in 2008, the WPC is an open-membership cooperation of Asian, European and American companies in diverse industries, including electronic manufacturers and origional equipment manufacturers (OEMs). WPC is working toward the global standardization of wireless charging technology.

     The WPC’s standard for wireless power creates interoperability between the device providing power (power transmitter, charging station) and the device receiving power (power receiver, portable device). Using the Qi standard, a range of mobile electronics will be able to use magnetic induction to recharge simply by being near a single power transmitter.  

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