The advanced Charging Station Qi1001 from QInside can be invisibly integrated into new furniture or easily built in to existing furnishings. The universal qi Charging Station enables cablefree charging for all Qi-compatible cell phones, MP3 players, iPods, cameras and other electronic devices with a wireless power transfer of up to 5 watts.

Seamless Integrated Wireless Charging Station

You can get Qinside as a Charging Option Through Many Furniture Manufacturers

     The Qi based wireless charging station will be embedded by milling a standard hole (80 mm diameter) into the inside or bottom of the inductive charging table. The integration will be carried out by the furniture manufacturer and the customer receives the finished product with the already built-in multiple device wireless charging station Qi1001. Place your cell phone, iPod, MP3 player and camera on the charging table and the battery begins to charge.

Seamless by a Professional or Easy Yourself

       Mill a hole into the furniture’s surface for easy retrofitting the qi compliant wireless charging station into existing furniture (standard bored hole with an 80 mm diameter).

      The resulting hole can be covered with the practical and stylish Cover Kit Qi1001(90 mm diameter). As soon as the wireless charging station Qi1001 is embedded, simply place your Qi enabled phone on the inductive charging table or Cover Kit and your battery is charging.

From Below or From Above The Easy Way